Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Testing, Testing... 123... Testing

Just thought I'd test to see if my password still works around here and pop in. :) My friend Andrea reminded me recently of the power of journaling - whether via blog, in "official" journals, or just a piece of paper, it's so therapeutic to get your thoughts down. So many times I've started journaling, but haven't consistently journaled through the years. Maybe that's why I struggle with journaling beyond just the facts in my layouts? Aw well, one step at a time... :)

Nothing too glamorous to report now, life is busy, as always! It's just the way we balance* all those tasks and priorities as to how they fall, right??

I recently ordered a letterpress print with a quote by Stephen Covey:

the main thing
is to keep
the main thing
the main thing

So true, no? So often I get worked up on the 'extras' - what I anticipate will happen, the emotion, the fluff... and I'm distracted on not what the REAL issue is. I'm considering using this quote for the ATC Quote Swap at SIS. I love checking out everyone's favorite quotes - it's interesting to see what each person chooses not only as their quote, but decorative-style, too.

*appropriate use of my 2009 word!


Couggal44 said...

So you actually know how to post blogs too, huh? Not just read them! You always have profound, meaningful things to say.
Love ya!

rachaelwood said...

Your password worked! Blogging is the best. Sometimes it's hard to remember, but once you get in the habit, it's like anything else you do daily or weekly!

Check out my blog! I've got a challenge for you and a Cosmo goody!

Angie said...

I love these thoughts. And you're so right...one step at a time!

Andrea Ancich said...

hi friend...
thanks for blogging...
excited to spend a couple of days with you in Nashville...