Monday, January 25, 2010

Catching Up

After the craziness of the holidays (and a broken pipe - what a mess!) I'm finally able to catch up on my to do list! I have a couple of Good Grief challenges that I'm just getting around to posting:

Resolve to Make a Tradition

Journaling: For Katherine’s birthday, I needed to find a way to honor her … to turn our grief to celebration. I planned a group dinner at Jubilee Women’s Center – nearly a dozen friends & family showed. After a quick speech, we ate our spaghetti dinner and talked to the residents. This cause was perfect … and I know she was there with us.

I resolve

Journaling: To take more pictures just because, to document the little moments, to capture candid shots, and to not worry what others think. I wish I had more pictures of Grandma, but I cherish these ones.

You can also see the layouts here.

Capture a Favorite Place
Right Here

Journaling: My favorite place was anywhere, as long as we were all together. I love our family gatherings, and I know you did too. We'd laugh, cry, play games and tell stories. Some of my best memories were during these occasions. And its not the same without you.

Journaling: You loved being on Maui, with all of us there. We went twice as an entire family. So much fun from synchronized swimming to the daily 5:00 conch shell, it was nice for us to all be together. This picture at Bubba Gumps in Lahaina cracks me up I still smile looking at you in Forrest Gumps shoes. :) I miss those happy times.

I have one and a half of my two layouts done for the next challenge (will be posted on the 1st). It's really nice to be caught up ... I need to do these layouts, not only for my commitment to Good Grief, but it's quite healing and therapeutic for me.