Friday, October 16, 2009

Making Memories

Scrapbooking manufacturer Making Memories recently requested stories from those impacted by breast cancer, in honor of October being breast cancer awareness month.

I'm honored that my story is posted today!

I like to tell my friends and family "we're making memories" and I'm touched that Making Memories allowed me to share my story.

On a related note, my sweet friend Andrea Ancich recently used Making Memories' slice and Think Pink slice card to create a layout of us at the 2008 3 Day, as well as some cards for her design contribution at Lasting Memories. Aren't they beautiful?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good Grief: Have a Conversation

It's that time again ... a new challenge is up at Good Grief! This challenge was a bit difficult for me - we documented what a conversation with our loved one would be like. I just jotted down some thoughts of what I would say if I were to talk to either Kath or my Grandma.


Journaling reads: Note to Self: I wonder all the time what Kath would do. I’m more understanding & sympathetic… I give money to the homeless, I’m present. She continues to make me a better person. I miss her so much.


Journaling: A few questions: What is it like? Beautiful & light? Have you seen your relatives & friends who have passed? Did you give Michael a hug for me? Are there just spirits, or does everyone look like they do on Earth? Do you realize how often I think of you? I see a butterfly float by and smile … almost like you’re checking in with me. I hope heaven is as magical as I imagine it to be … and you’ll be waiting.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scrapbooking Extravaganza!!!

I was out of town this weekend at a camp out on the peninsula, for a weekend of scrapping, laughing, snacking, and hanging out with some of my fave girls! Friday was a *crazy* day at work (meetings from 7:30-4:30, straight!) so right after work I headed out. It was fabulous to spend the weekend with the craftiest girls I know - it's always too long between our visits. :)

We did something different this time around, and completed 3 Round Robin challenges. The short of it: you start with your own picture and background paper, and every 5 minutes, you pass it on to the next person to embellish the layout. After 10-12 people work on the layout, it comes back to you! I love these challenges... so much fun to see how everyone interprets your picture, tries new techniques, and how the layouts change since you worked on them. I LOVE how my layouts turned out (although I can't take credit - since I all did was pick out the background paper and the pictures!):

I also worked on my layouts for the next Good Grief challenge, some cards, layouts made from page kits, as well as a couple layouts just because. (The Good Grief layouts will be posted on the 15th.) Here are a couple of the other layouts I did:

And here are my ATCs for the favorite drink ATC swap at Scrap in Style:

Such a fun weekend ... we already have started planning our next one - and I can't wait!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Forever a student

I always have enjoyed learning, and even now that I'm done with my education, I still like to learn. I've taken a couple online crafty classes recently ... fun because I end up with a beautiful project AND I don't have to think at all! :)

Last month I took Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day class, and although I haven't made the mini book yet, I did journal something I learned each day throughout the September. I'll get to the mini eventually!

Right now I'm taking a class by Christina Clouse called Bits and Pieces. I love Christina's style, so quickly registered when she listed the class for sale. The album is cute so far (just have the foundation of the album done!) I bought the kit that corresponds with the class so it's super simple to follow along and do exactly what she does! Sure, we have creative flexibility to 'make it ours' ... I just like to follow directions and not have to think too much. If it worked for her, why mess with it?! :P I'll show the mini book once I'm done ... also, it's not too late to join if you're interested.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Good Grief: Ask A Child

Time for another challenge at Good Grief! This challenge was to ask a child about your loved one. Since I don't have any children in my life that I could talk to about my aunt or Grandma, I thought I'd journal to myself as a child. My layouts for this challenge:

Did You Know?
Journaling (on tag): Did you know? She would change your life more than you could ever imagine? She was more than an aunt, but an inspiration? You would later cherish these times, wondering what you two were thinking? You would wish you could spend just one more day with her?

This layout didn't include anywhere I could put journaling. So I'm going to be including the story of this picture on the back of the layout: This picture of my Grandma and me represents a day where one of my very first memories happened. We were taking a ferry to visit my granparents' good friends, the Becks. I remember sitting on Isabelle Beck’s countertop as she painted my toenails ... and years later, I still referred to her as the lady who painted my toenails. At only 27 months old, I don’t remember many details of the day, or the ferry ride, but I love this picture, knowing that one of my first memories at that time was later documented.

Thanks for looking - and be sure to link up your layouts if you play along. I'd love to see them!