Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well worth 2 minutes and 33 seconds

I saw this video last year, and just watched it again - such a timely reminder:

No matter what your beliefs, I'm sure you can agree the message is quite powerful.

I was reminded again today at how short our lives truly are. This morning, I learned that a guy I knew from Toastmasters, Justin Key, passed away Monday from complications related to H1N1. He was 26 years old: funny, healthy, charming. Although I wouldn't necessarily classify him as a friend, I realized today how much he touched my life. Hearing of his adventures traveling, salsa dancing, and living life - he was the type of charismatic person who impacted all around him. My friend Jon mentioned Justin was the one that you just knew was going places - one day we'd call him President Key, Ambassador Key or Senator Key. Sadly that day won't come: his life here was too short - but he certainly lived his life to the fullest.

Rest in Peace, Justin.
(picture taken from Justin's Memorial Facebook page)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good Grief: Preserve Handwriting

Yes, it's time for a new challenge at Good Grief! This challenge was an easier one for me: to document and preserve handwriting.

Without further ado:
{1 of a Kind}
Journaling: Kath’s handwriting is truly one of a kind. Beyond her fun scrawl, the words she wrote were filled from her heart. Envelopes were filled with doodles – a bright ray of sunshine in a stack of bills. Her last card is my favorite, though. Hardly legible, it took several tries … but it says it all: “I love you Jenny”.

Journaling: These are it – the last bits of her handwriting on cards I received before she passed away. I love seeing her even script – it brings back so many memories. The best touch? Her closing: always ‘Lovingly’. (Hidden on tag): When she was admitted to Overlake back in 2000, one of the first things I did was look for cards from her. I sat on my closet floor, crying, just wanting to see her handwriting, hoping the cards wouldn’t end.

Over the next couple days, you will see a closer look at the layouts, as well as learn the story behind each one. Please let me know if you join us in this challenge!