Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well worth 2 minutes and 33 seconds

I saw this video last year, and just watched it again - such a timely reminder:

No matter what your beliefs, I'm sure you can agree the message is quite powerful.

I was reminded again today at how short our lives truly are. This morning, I learned that a guy I knew from Toastmasters, Justin Key, passed away Monday from complications related to H1N1. He was 26 years old: funny, healthy, charming. Although I wouldn't necessarily classify him as a friend, I realized today how much he touched my life. Hearing of his adventures traveling, salsa dancing, and living life - he was the type of charismatic person who impacted all around him. My friend Jon mentioned Justin was the one that you just knew was going places - one day we'd call him President Key, Ambassador Key or Senator Key. Sadly that day won't come: his life here was too short - but he certainly lived his life to the fullest.

Rest in Peace, Justin.
(picture taken from Justin's Memorial Facebook page)


erinrwillis said...

Too short, for sure. Sometimes you just don't know how short it will be.

And I'm sorry to hear about Justin. It's hard to see someone looking so full of life in a photo, and then to hear they're gone.

3boysmama said...

I didn't know him well either, he was a friend of Aaron's. But it saddens me so much to hear of such a sudden passing.

Andrea Ancich said...

sorry to hear about justin...
hugs friend!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

:( so young! what a loss... rest in peace Justin!

Deneen said...

Life is definately too short and this is just a little reminder that no matter what you may be going through today, you still need to make the best of it because it could be the last.
I will pray for Justin's family

Stephanie said...

I just now watched this, but a month later, it means the same. So very powerful, this message.

Thanks for sharing it.