Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Circle Journals

Last Fall, I signed up to participate in a circle journal over at SIS. For you non-scrappers, a CJ is where you create a mini-album with a topic, send it throughout a group of people to complete a layout and pass it on. By the time it comes back to you (full circle), the book is complete!

The theme of my book was Favorite Cause- I wanted to know which charities are most important to everyone. So far I've received 3 different circle journals for this group.

And here are the layouts I've completed so far:

A Christmas Tradition
The theme of this one was Favorite Recipe. Journaling: This casserole is a Christmas morning tradition. So good to enjoy once a year. After presents, enjoy with some orange juice, before a holiday nap. Delicious!

So Many Quirks So Little Time
This book's theme is to document our quirks. As you can see, I have too many to pick one! :) Journaling: I admit it ... I'm pretty quirky! Whether it's out of habit or reason, I definitely have my fair share of quirks. Trouble is identifying something that's not an idiosyncrasy! Here are just a couple of my quirks: I always clean my home in the same order, I make my bed every morning, I go to Starbucks almost every day, I look at my bank accounts daily. (and the list goes on!)

And this CJ was about our favorite color. Journaling should be clear, but just in case: My favorite color right now is grey. I like wearing it, scrapping it, decorating with it ... it's my go to color right now. Love it!

It's kind of a fun project - taking on various challenges & subjects, and in the end you have a full album from a variety of scrappers!


erinrwillis said...

I've never done a CJ. I'd love to give it a try!!