Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good Grief: Spill It

It's time for another challenge at Good Grief!

This challenge was to Spill It ... just write what you feel. I again did two layouts. I'm really enjoying these challenges; I hope you are too!

My layouts will be shown in greater detail later this week, but I thought I'd post them here with the journaling.

This Moment

Journaling: I will never, ever forget this moment. I had walked 60 miles, and was exhausted, mentally and physically. I wasn’t sure she’d be there. It was hot, she was in the middle of radiation treatment and was two days away from her mastectomy. I would understand of course. But then I saw her, my motivation and inspiration, & the tears flowed. The emotions were raw. She was there to celebrate me, as I honored her. We took this picture, both of us in pain but celebrating the moment. I will continue to fight for her until I’m no longer able. And I know she’ll be there, cheering me on.

The Place to Go
I love having a place to go, a place to talk to you. Some times I just need to talk to you … I stopped by to tell you about my life – what was good, what scared me. I told you I met someone, and I was falling in love. I still hear your voice, calling me Jenny. I go here to remember you, to recall the memories we’ve shared. Wearing your apron, taking ‘orders’ for dinner – watching Wheel of Fortune – eating raisins out of the box. I miss you, and I hope you know how much I love you. You brought our family together. I find an old card, signed ‘Lovingly, Grandma’ and I ache for you. I knew I would lose you eventually – but I still wasn’t ready. I wished you were at my wedding & would be a great grandma. I see a butterfly float by, and it’s you, giving me a sign. Just when I needed it. Just like you used to do. I love you, Grandma. Lovingly, Jenny

I'll be honest, quite a few tears fell while I worked on these layouts. It was a comforting, therapeutic cry, though... just writing from the heart.


humel said...

Hi there, just dropped by from Shimelle's. These LOs are so powerful! Looking forward to sharing LSNED with you :-)

Deneen said...

Jen I am so loving these layouts that will help us all to heal although the pain will always be there it's nice to know that others understand. Hugs to you!

CC said...

Love your layouts, and the sentiments contained. I think I've seen both on the Good Grief blog! It's really helpful for me to see that others have these painful and strong feelings--thanks!