Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pen Pal, anyone?

Did you used to have a pen pal? Wish you still did? (Anyone else remember which teen magazine had the pen pal sign up in the back??)

Reform School is launching an international Pen Pal program and I'm pretty excited to sign up! If you're local to LA, they're even having a 'club' meeting to discuss the program ... if not, no big deal, we'll get our pen pal matches after the meeting on March 15. To sign up, just send an email with the basics: name, address, hobbies, etc.

Yay for more fun mail!


erinrwillis said...

You find the best programs/activities!!!

I totally remember that teen magazine w/the pen pal lists in the back.

And, I'm going to sign up for this right now!!! YAY!!

sherlonkahkai said...

Ohmygoodness, I just may sign up for this!

I remember getting my first letter from my pen pal in 8th grade. Many, many years ago. We don't write as much these days, but we are still in contact. Okay, okay, I am writing her a letter this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration.

And thank you for the link to the pen pal exchange.